Why use IPC Software

IPC Software for Consultants, Contractors and Project Managers.

Both the Consultant's Team Leader and Contractor's Project Manager's can easily prepare the IPC, with regular progress schedule and progress cash-flow in a very short period of time without making any calculation errors.

IPC Software that removes the need of Excel.

Our software performs all the necessary calculations so users do not need to go back to the traditional ways of calculating using Excel Spread Sheet.

Interim Payment Certificate Monthly Reporting Software

IPC software provides flexible options for users to make use of few additional Excel Spread Sheets in exceptional case of need for customization of the IPC Summary Results based on the link to the customized results.

Custimizable Final Interim Payment Certificate Software

IPC Software allow users to easily link the IPC Summary results to customize the final Interim Payment Certificate summary table as per requirements.

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Interim Payment Certificate & Monthly Reporting Software:

IPC Software is designed for efficient and quick preparation of both monthly Interim Payment Certificate (IPC) and Monthly Work Progress schedule supported by necessary graphs and tables. This has been tested and implemented in dozens of countries by experts in different contractual terms. Our Software helps the team leader and the project manager to generate instant IPC as well as progress report without any errors in few minutes. The only need is to prepare quantity data on Bill of quantity (BOQ) as well as field progress quantity data in order to produce instantly the output results.

IPC Software Services

IPC Software Data preparation for importing.

DATA preparation and normalization for the IPC software format.

Cash-flow & Work Progress monthly report generation.

Cash-flow / Work Progress Schedule generation during mobilization & implementation stages.

Bill of quantity review for IPC software.

Review of Bill of quantity (BoQ) for the basic requirements of the software.

Review of contract documents & particular conditions of contract

Review of Contract Documents & Particular Conditions of Contract (PCC).